The Energy Oath

We will provide an atmosphere that is challenging, rewarding, and fun. Our employees will be treated with respect and will be listened to. We will support our employees when they make decisions that are aligned with the Energy Oath.
The leadership and management team will lead by example, and have an unmistakably clear set of strong business and personal ethics.
We will consider the current and long term environment when making all business decisions.
We will deliver value to our customers by providing products, services, and technology in a fair, honest, and ethical way. We will listen to our customers and provide satisfaction through execution excellence.
Health and Safety
We will provide leadership, tools, and training to embolden our employees, contractors, customers, and vendors to remain healthy and safe. Our employees and contractors are expected to share the obligation and responsibility.
Shareholders / Stakeholders
We will focus on profitable growth by protecting our assets and making ethical and sound business decisions through analysis and calculated risk, while focusing on providing the best return possible for our shareholders.
We will treat our vendors as partners, stand by our commitments to them, and expect the same in return.