Energy Fishing and Rentals line of Triumph™ composite frac plugs will meet all of your completion requirements. As one of the shortest plugs on the market with a concentrically setting process that keep your plug setting evenly throughout the setting sequence. The TCFP 1 is an all composite plug with induction-hardened upper and lower cast iron slips that delivery superior holding strength. The Hybrid TCFP 2 plug with less than 4% metallic material for the extra holding strength and the TCFP 3 an all composite plug with upper ceramic buttons and powdered metal lower buttons with less than 1% metallic material. Each plug gives you the option of running the ball in place or pumping the ball on seat at each frac stage.

Best of all, the Triumph series of plugs is the most compact designed frac plugs in the industry and the larger ID provides optional flow and less constriction.

Triumph™ TCFP-1

The Triumph™ 1 Composite Frac Plug with upper and lower induction hardened cast-iron slips, deliver superior holding strength for long durations at temperatures up to 300°F.

Triumph™ TCFP-2

The Triumph™ 2 Composite Frac Plug combines an all-composite upper slip with an induction-hardened cast-iron bottom slip to deliver superior holding strength at temperatures up to 300°F.

Triumph™ TCFP-3

The Triumph™ 3 is an all-Composite Frac Plug with ceramic buttons in the upper slip and powdered metal buttons in the lower slip. The plug delivers superior holding strength at temperatures up to 250°F.



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